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Day 13,

Homework day! yay?

I was woken up most rudely by my mother thismorning, finding myself in high hopes of having the computer the whole day to do my homework on! to my displeasure however, she had meant i could have it after she was done forging slips for my dad on Corel Photohouse, and after Chance had his half an hour of bitchiness, which always turns into 2 hours of Bleach. (not the cleaner, the anime.)

So once again, i headed to the Sony, Seeing as everything i had left of homework, is computer-bound. It took her until 7:00 to finally get things ready.Then she decided they looked too fakey, unhooked the printer, and left for the store, letting chance have a “half an hour” on there. i made sure it was “half an hour” and thoroughly commandeered the rocking/computer chair to do homework. As for what the homework was..well…i did a “i am” poem about myself…  it was wierd, but here it is for anyone who cares… (just try and use it! *blows raspberries*)


I am Synthistetic and Unique.

I wonder if you’ll ever see as I do.

I hear the sounds of colors as they sing to me.

I see all the hues of every word.

I want to know if you see as I do

I am Syntheistetic and Unique


I pretend that there is nothing strange about me.

I feel eyes that follow—they’re intrigued.

I touch my notebook paper—it’s my canvas.

I worry that I’m the only one like me.

I cry to think that they don’t know my joy.

I am Synthestetic and Unique.


I understand that they cannot comprehend it.

I say that it’s a gift from Earth Herself.

I dream that I could show them my perspective.

I try to shy away from explinations

I hope that I’m not the only one.

I am Synthestetic and Unique.


so there. that’s my poem. as for my story i had to write.. well… we had to write a short story about how this guy got a drillbit in his brain… this is the picture


 THIS <– is my story.  (click)

It’s being changed as we go, i’m having Missy proofread it for me, and much has been changed. i might update it if i’m not too exhausted. as for anything else, i’ve got Chem and Econ to do.. and then more Grammar and stuff for Kidwell and Pies. yum boy.

Later yo.



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Day 11,

  I’m getting bad at this not updating thing…

 It’s nice sleeping in…

I slept in today until about oh, noon or so, and went straight to the Sony, seeing as mum had to spend hours on the computer to do something i could’ve done for her (and offered to do for her) in 10 minutes.

Nevertheless, i began playing Sims Bustin’ Out. we got cheat codes (meaning my brother and i) and i’ve pretty much redone every single house i’ve come in contact with.

About 6:00 or so mom finally gets off. Now it’s Chance’s turn. (D’oh!) So after about 3 hours of begging him to stop watching bleach and allow me to do my homework, i finally get the computer. It’s about 9, nobody’s on. Jimmy’s at his dad’s, mitchell’s having a mental breakdown about a “gay guy” that was stabbed through with a pike, on a “horrible horrow show” (horror*).

I never did get my homework done… i was busy drawing Kittens for people, coloring horses, and recieving many many thank you presents on Gaia for refusing to accept payment for a Kitten when she’d already sent me a tavern wench skirt.

Well, by the end of the night, i was tired, headed off to bed, and watched Animal planet until my beady little eyes shut off the world, and i fell asleep.


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Day 10

Happy Leap Year?

Who the hell says Happy Leap year? oh well. it’s leap year. woohoo…

Mum woke me up around 10:00 today off the couch (again) and i bounced off the narrow bathroom walls until i reached my room, unfolded the bed, and flopped down onto my cold sheets. She brought me my pills (nasty tasting shit) and some cranberry juice (also tastes like shit…). No more than maybe 6 minutes later, i started to feel like i was going to urp. What was wrong? why am i feeling so sick? please don’t make me throw up in here!

I grabbed up my bottles of pills, and read the labels. “Take with food, Take with plenty of water, may cause different color fecal material” fun…i hadn’t eaten since 5:00 last night… So with what breath i could spare (without vomiting afterwards) i called to mom for cookies, crackers, dogfood, anything, and that i was going to be sick if she didn’t hurry.

Apparently her pill-popping jackass of a friend Steve-o, was more important than me, because she didn’t come back into the room until 20 minutes later, where she handed me a single cracker. Thanks mum. Thanks…

So finally, the stomach settles, and i fall back to sleep, only to wake up around 3:00. atleast i’m not sick this time!

Mom’s on the computer–usually a short trip…she does bills, checks email, tells us about stupid chain-mail, and then gets off, letting Chance (my little brother) have it until i commandeer it around 7-8:00 to about midnight or later. Today? well, i’ve been on for an hour and a half and it’s 2:45 in the morning. Mom decided to spend the WHOLE day on the computer, typing up stuff that’s not due until next week. I’ve got homework i need to finish, Chance is arguing about watching his OnePiece and Bleach episodes, and Dad’s arguing about how he wants his porn. Dear god we need more computers!

Needless to say, i had a Sims urge, and ended up playing Sims Bustin’ Out for PS2 in Chance’s room–which brings me to another disgusting detail…

I was going from house to house in my car (on Sims..) greeting everybody and gathering clothes so i could do freeplay right, and suddenly heard a noise that sounded like two pieces of flesh rubbing together…knowing immediatly what this noise was–i do have a boyfriend you know…–i shuddered. EW!! i couldn’t beleive he was doing this, underneath his covers while I WAS IN HIS ROOM! yech! that’s sick!

Finally, the sound stopped, the breathing stopped, and he started acting normal again… i–thoroughly disgusted–saved the game, stepped out of the room, and went to go sit in the living room to get the thoughts out of my head. Instead, i got to see black guys on Cops, tell bogus stories about how “He punched me first! i’m a good boy! i’m a christ’in boy, i dun do no harm” and a bunch of white-trash rednecks who feel it ultimatly nessisary to strip down to absolutely nothing but their boots, and run up to the cops to hump them.

Sometimes i can’t beleive i come from the same race…


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Day 9

I woke up today to extreme pains, that would have brought me to my knees, had i been standing. Stumbling around the living room i just about tackled the ibuprofen bottle, downing a couple of pills, thus waking up mom in the process. She asked me how i was doing, and decided she didn’t need a verbal answer, as the tears were enough. Careful not to wake dad, she grabbed up the phone and called the Medicare Nurse hotline, asking her what on earth these pains could be, if they were serious, and what should we do.

20 minutes passed, and mom finally walks in and demands that i get on some decent clothes, socks and shoes, and grab up anything i think is important. why? i’m going to the hospital (as soon as dad’s ready…)

this was about..oh..noon when it all happened. By the time dad was “awake” and ready, it was 3:00pm… Fortunatly, we decided to go to Regional this time, because Union hospital is a bunch of stuck-up university pricks that don’t know what the hell they’re doing.  So 45 minutes later (it’s Indiana.. we were rail-roaded…) we wound up in the emergency room, and was quickly and efficiently taken care of. no blood drawn, simple piss test, and an interesting spanish doctor named Raul Lupia (he had black hair poofing out the back of his scrubs…it was rather…erm…gross?). He was cool though. Very polite, and hard to understand, but cool. He told me i had UTI (urinary tract infection), gave me a doctor’s note to stay home Friday (effing wonderful…) and two prescriptions. 1 for my bactrum, and the other for some black pill that turns everything you piss, bright neon orange. I swear to god i thought i’d swallowed a Crayon at first!

 So after i get home, i take the pills, eat a hot pocket, and crash on the couch. i’m tired, exhausted, and can’t wait for tomorrow, so i can email my teachers and see if i can’t catch up on this shit before monday.

I’m not going to fail this trimester. i promise.


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Day 8

Okay, so i’m falling a little behind on these–i couldn’t help it…

I hadn’t gone to school today because my foot had once again, swollen up into a huge ballon, and it was snowing outside, so i couldn’t exactly slip on some flip-flops and head outside. So mum let me stay home. I was on the computer from about…oh…12:00 to around 6:00 pm… at about 6:15, mom started making dinner–don’t ask me what it was, o don’t quite remember.

About 6:30, i started getting this pain in my side… dull and achey, but a pain. (“Maybe it’s my period!?” i had thought hopefully) but the pain kept growing. it started getting worse, and worse and worse, until mom had asked me to (Biscuits and gravy! that’s what we’d had…)–sorry, off track there–mom had asked me to put the biscuits onto the sheetpans to get ready to bake them. It took me about 5 steps to reach the fridge from the computer, when all of a sudden i was clutching the handle of the gigantic white beast of a fridge, and crying out in pain–with what breath wasn’t taken away from the stabbing pain.

Mom looked at me and asked me if i was okay, and i nonchalontly replied “yeah, fine…” and went ahead pulling the biscuits out of the fridge, setting them on that old table of ours that takes up a better half of the kitchen. You know those stupid cans, and how you have to “peel” the wrapper off, and then it pops open, and you can just unwind them? Well for some goddamn reason, Pillsbury seems to hate me, and after i manage to completely rip off every last piece of paper off of the canister, i have to beat it against the countertop, finally giving up and handing it to dad to finish. By this point, i’m frustrated, confused, and the pain in my side is like a small child gnawing on my ovaries.

We eat, we drink, and i end up falling asleep on the couch, crying in pain and huddling in the fetile position underneath a pile of cat-themed quilts that are a little worse for wear.

Thus, was day 1 of the torment…


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