Day 5, February 25, 2008

Day 5

I think i got a total of 3 hours of sleep before mom woke me up with a slurry of something about Mrs. Busch being a bitch, Mrs. Mason, Library, Main office, take your finals, wear your funeral clothes, etc. my head was spinning by the time i realized what on earth she said. I slowly closed my eyes, planning on procrastinating and going back to sleep until it was by-god-necessary for me to wake up… unfortunatly my cat Binx decided that “nope, up-time.” and she proceeded to climb on my chest and bat at my nose till i threw her off and grabbed up some clothes.

After a few, mom hurried up, handed me my back pack and went out the door leaving me at home to play around on the compy. i drew a picture of my friend Aerobe from Gaia! here he is…

he looked so cute!! *pets him*

After that, i got dressed in my “funeral clothes” grabbed up my “luggage” and a pencil, and headed out the door to the school. it was a half-day and i had to make-up my finals. i made all of them up except for Math, but i’m redoing that one anyways.

I talked to Frau, i get to go on the Muncie trip for free!! i then went outside and waited on dad, and just about puked by this kid who felt it completely necessary to hocker and shoot snot rockets while waiting on his dad. i wanted to throw my ‘luggage’ at him.

Finally dad came and picked me up, and we headed home, where i proceeded to take a nap, watch paula, and then get back onto the computer where i drew a surprise for my friend Missy_Indubitable.

She’s Smexy, no?

Anyways–i’m working on a kitten army now.. i plan on selling them on Gaia. watcha think?


i think they’re adorable! you can customize them in all different ways. i’m excited.

i’ve been listening to a new band lately.. they’re called “Paramore” and this is my new favorite song:

It’s Called “Fences” and it’s really awesome! it reminds me of Corpse bride for some reason. Anyways, that’s about it. i’ve got school tomorrow, and i’m getting all new classes. yum… lol.



Day 4, Febuary 24, 2008

Day 4

Woke up at 2, it’s Sunday, and it’s the Funeral day. joyous. wake up, find my pants (they were in that camo bag) and took a shower, put on clothes. The day was going off fine, great. Got some Cereal, slipped on my pentacle, and we headed out the door. Wonderful 3 hours of old men slapping and pinching my ass, carressing my neck, and then their wives and my mom yelling at me saying “Don’t smack your uncle _____! they’re old and don’t know what they’re doing!” BULLSHIT! i’m not going to have some old perverted FUCK touch my absurdly large ass. he knows what the FUCK he’s doing, and everyone in the room knows that he’s about to get his perverted ass nailed to the cieling by his DICK.

GAH. So after that oh-so-wonderful fuck-up of a funeral where i knew no one, was labled as a “Satanic Goth Child” by everyone there (it’s a fucking funeral, everyone wears black, just because i wore a pentacle with it, doesn’t make me a fucking satanist, nor does it make me GOTH!) we all piled into the shitty ass station wagon of ours, and headed to Little Ceasers, grabbed some Pizza, and came home. You’ve no idea how happy i was to get those goddamn shoes off my feet.

Did the Laundry, ate some pizza, and played Dofus from about 7:30 to 11:00. The past half hour has been nothing but screaming from my father at me. It started something like this: (remember, this is coming from the dumbfuck who went to school 1 day a week, got high, did every drug imaginable, fucked his teachers to pass the class, and then married my mom only to get her knocked up, and treat her like shit for the rest of her life)

“Shouldn’t you be studying?”

“No, i already know what i’m doing, and i know i have to retake math anyways, i just don’t get it.”

“Fine, but i’m not driving you to take your GED test.”

“Will you shut up!? i’m not going to take a GED, i’m going to either graduate, or be a super senior, ok?”

“I’d rather get my GED than be a super-Senior…”

“Dad, atleast Super Seniors get a real diploma… i’d rather get that than a GED…”

“You’re gonna fucking fail in life you know that right?”

“Like you? Oh hell, why not, i take after you in everything else! the short temper, the shit-colored eyes, the overweightedness, the borderline diabetes, fuck i might as well get high, fuck my teachers and skip school just like you! then i could really be daddy’s little girl!”

“Shut the fuck up and go play on your precious piece of shit.” (the computer)

“What’s the matter? your little fucking rape-child is standing up for herself again and you can’t take it? Get used to it you mother fucking bastard, i’m not the little shit you can overpower anymore. i’m not like you however much you think i am, so fuck off.”

And that would be the point where i came back in here, sat at the computer, and cried silently, wishing more than anything that i could just grab the fucking canvas tent from the garage, run to Fairbanks and set up camp there. i fucking dare any rapist to even think about touching the goddamn zipper… i’ll have him nailed to the top of a tree by his dick before the wind could even rattle the tongue.

So fucking pissed right now… and what makes it worse? just the other night after i got done writing in my blog, he confessed to mom, that when he was sleeping on the couch, he had a dream where he cheated on her, and that the woman was “fucking hot as hell” and that he’d fuck her again, married or not. You know what that tells me? that tells me that if he finds a girl that looks as hot as her, he’d fuck her married or not. now if only i can catch him in the act on camera, i’ll finally get mom to fucking divorce his ass….


i’m tired of it…i guess i’m used to it though. There’s always those moments of tension and anger, fused with anxiety, and as soon as it’s over, i’m forgotten about. i turn back into that shadow that slinks about the house that they only remember when it comes to dinner, and they remember “wait… she doesn’t eat hamburger…” and then they throw me some turkey lunchmeat. One day i won’t be here for them to yell at. one day i won’t be there for him to ridicule and jeer at. i won’t be there for him to fuck with and tease. one day soon, there won’t be any more tears he can cause me to hide from him anymore.

i just hope it’s sooner than later, because i don’t know how much more i can possibly stand of this…


Day 3, Feb 23, 2008

Day 3,


*New header up!*

(for those of you who don’t know, i’m changing the header each week!)


┬áHave you ever had a dream where you woke up so pissed and offended at someone, that as soon as you saw them you wanted to rip their head off and nail it to your mantle, and then wonder why on earth such a weird dream would make you so mad to begin with? i had one of those this morning… i woke up around 3:00 pm (it’s a Saturday…) and i’d had some weird dream about my mom needing to go to the store, and that nobody would take her–our car was frozen, tracy and tommy wouldn’t take her, and she couldn’t get any of her family to do it, because it was an inconvenience. So who does she call? my boyfriend’s mother! I flipped out. “Don’t you DARE call Miss Peggy and beg her for a ride! We’ll look like scum! she already doesn’t like me! Oh my god, mom please dont’ call her!” but of course, it’s a dream, and everything has to be surreal and bizarre, so mom called anyways, and after much insulting and begging, they finally agreed to come pick my mom up in her “clean the house clothes” (which consist of the dirtiest ugliest, hole-filled shirt my mom owns, and a pair of jeans covered in paint, ripped knees, and a hole in the crotch.) Needless to say, i was absolutely shocked and embarrassed. i woke up, and realised it was a dream…until i walked into the kitchen and mom was pulling a shirt out of the dryer, kissing me goodbye, and saying she was going to the store and she had to hurry “she” would be here soon.


“Mom…who’s she?” i inquired. Mom just looked at me funny and goes “Charlotte, the lady down the street from us, she wants to bum a ride to the store, so your dad and i decided to go now instead of later.” Phew. if she’d said “Jimmy’s mom.” i think i would have assaulted her first and thought about it later. after a much-needed cup of Honey lemon tea, i was able to think straight, and managed to get some of the endless amount of dirty dishes done. needles to say, the dishes are once again dirty, used, and sitting on top of eachother on the old table from Sister Georgiana…If the old nun could see how we’re using that precious table, i think she’d cry.

But! things have gotten better throughout the day. I found a yo-yo! it has Shrek on it, it’s green, and it lights up when you pull on it to flick it back up! i felt like a little kid again, and made a promise to buy more yo-yo’s, a container of sidewalk chalk, a jump-rope, and a bottle of bubbles for this summer as soon as they surface at the dollar store. i miss being a kid…

I had Raison bran in my favorite bowl for “breakfast” a bowl of chips and cubed velveeta for lunch, and we just had pizza for dinner (for those of you wondering… lol). I’ve been playing Dofus CONSTANTLY since i’ve commandeered the computer, and i’ve managed to level up a few of my characters, plus make more. i now have a complete list of 10 characters i use–each of them with a different job.

Name — Race — Job

Iresa — Sadida — Fisher

Aetha — Sram — Jeweller/staff carver

Fief — Sacrier — Bow Carver

Herbess — Sadida — Alchemist

Giwe — Feca (sucks!) — Shoemaker

Curiosity — Cra –Farmer/Baker

Feisty-Kitten — Sacrier — Lumberjack

Black-Catcuriosity — Cra –Miner

Ohinu — Sacrier –Alchemist

Anolu — Sadida — Huntress

And there ya have it. Some of these characters might be changed/deleted/etc. in the future… like my Feca for instance… She’s ..erm..well she sucks to be honest. her attacks to 5 damage on opponents, and the rest of her attacks are all defensive shields… i need a warrior not a chicken!

But it’s all good. i’m working on getting new armor and such for Curiosity my main character, and i’m all excited for it, i can’t wait to get either the Adventure set, or the Gobbal.

On a darker and much more realistic note, i’m heading to my Aunt’s wake tomorrow, and i still haven’t found those damn pants. I won’t be able to go to her funeral unfortunatly, because i have to make up all my finals for school, which i’m probably going to fail anyways… but something we brought up today, is that the school’s told me that “as long as you have doctor’s excuses for every absence (which i have) then we CANNOT TAKE YOUR CREDITS AWAY, NO MATTER WHAT.” Well, surprise surprise, if that’s true, then why have i lost 4 trimester’s worth of credits? hmmm? bunch of contradicting lying jackass bastards.

Anyways, yes. That’s been my day so far, and it’s only… eh… 10:47 is what my stove says. So i think i’m gonna log back onto Dofus, level up my farmer, and wait for some comments.


Day 2, Feb 22, 2008

Day 2,

Beeping. i woke up to beeping…not just any beeps though, the beeps of a cell-phone long since dead, that hasn’t seen a charger in years…i rolled over and subconsiously began swinging my arms around to grab the little beast and turn it off so that the battery wouldn’t go dead…i woke up to hitting the side of my couch? Upon sitting up, i realised that it was about 3:00 in the afternoon, Mitchell and gang would be here to pick me up at 7:00, my room is filthy, and i need a shower. not in that order, mind you.

So i stumbled through my clutter, did my morning routine, made a cup of catnip, and sat down at the computer, for a lovely afternoon of playing Dofus. All was great and powerful in the land of Astrub until i decided that i wanted Curi-Kit (my level 3(?) Cra) to become a miner. Sounds great right? well it was… until she came. All i was doing was mining tin, gathering levels, and mountains of useless ore to sell at a later date, but suddenly, some p2p (pay to play) Ecaflip comes in wearing a ridicules tree-stump mask and dressed in fuschia and seafoam green. Not only are there tons of other mines that only p2p players can access, but she’s also a higher level than me–which means she can mine Tin, Bronze, Copper, AND Iron. She’s mining all of the above, Including my iron. Bitch! So finally, after she’s happy with all that she’s gathered, i can mine again. Happily mining, i waste about 3 more minutes, before another person comes in wearing the same ridicules stump mask… she’s also a higher level, but she’s a fellow cra. Guess what she starts doing? Steals my ore… i ask her to atleast let me finish my mining and level up to 6 (i was 5 at the time with 3 more ore to go) and she tells me “no u noob get ur wn @#$%!!!!11!”…gee, thanks for that lack of grammer, bad spelling, and oh-so-wonderful attitude. it’s appreciated, honestly.

Well, with another day of Dofus gone and done (not all was bad, i got 100+ ore from it!) I hurry through a shower, getting dressed, and then searching all over the house for my necklace that Jimmy gave me for Valentines. Finally Mitchell, Kaitlyn, and Rose all pull up in Mitchell’s teensy black car, and we all head to the overly-expensive and filled-to-the-brim-with-snobs–Panera bread resteraunt. Rose managed to bribe me with a green-apple Jones soda, and the group’s decided i’m never allowed to have one again. (let’s just say i’m an easy drunk… if it even resembles a beer bottle, i’m gone…) But either way it turned out great. Rose screamed something about McPheters getting hit in the face with “Kid’s Balls” (they were “some kid’s” Oreo cookie candy balls, but this was the only part the other patrons of Panera heard…) and then proceeded to scream about her cat Cheese, scraping his ass across the carpet at her house, even though he doesn’t have worms…

I love my friends.

So after taking a short jog to Mitchell’s house out in the ritsy end of the boonies, we decide “Shit! we forgot the movie!” so we head out to Family Video where Mitchell decides to tell me “i wanna watch the Emporer’s new groove.”

Dot Dot Dot…

Why!?” of course was my response, but after a grueling 20 minute search for the god-damn movie and realising it wasn’t there, we settled on the more violent and freaky version, of 1408. No, 1408 isn’t that movie where it’s like 1408 B.C or anything, it’s the Horror film by Stephen King, about a haunted room with the skeptic who writes books on Paranormal activity he “experiences” in supposedly haunted hotels/motels and cemeteries.

Holy. Shit.

AWESOME movie! I loved the creepiness, and the surprise, and it didn’t have all those shaky “Oooh I’m stalking you!” moments in it where they FLASH everything across the screen. it was a total and udder MIND game, and it was great. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to see a movie that’ll mess with your mind and leave you eager for more.

This perfect example of a good horror movie, was immediatly followed by screaming, a large pillow/penny fight, stealing of socks, crushing of people, more screaming, tickling, poking of soft underbellies, and much laughter–along with a polite “shut the hell up you guys!” from a very scared Mitchell’s dad. (We knew he wouldn’t open the door to tell us, because he was afraid–as always–that we were on mitchell’s bed, naked, and having a bi-orgy. No worries though, we’re all too much family for that, and some of us are still happily staying forever straight.) Immediatly following this, we all headed home, and i had a mental breakdown in the car–tears and all–about how much i want to leave this house, how much i hate school and the fucking teachers inside it, and how i can’t take it any longe, whether i graduate or not. This resulted in many hugs from mitchell–although not very long ones because he was driving at the time…

Once home, i immediately unloaded a bag of shoestring potatoes, Velveeta cheese, and bacon bits into a bowl, microwaved it, and watched “A Haunting: The Lake House (Springfield Illinois)” with mom until i got bored and thirsty, and decided to write in my little blog, and check on Aunt Jane’s Obituaries in the newspaper to see if they were up yet. They are. (Here for those of you who care…)

So here i am, jotting down my day’s worth, and talking with my boyfriend who’s giggling as madly as a schoolgirl over his new computer he just got in the mail. Another Day, another–ooh a nickle!


Day 1, Febuary 21st, 2008

Day 1

I woke up thismorning about 10:00 am to the phone ringing endlessly off the hook–another creditor wanting payments…god i wish they’d stop calling! Willing myself to roll over and find my slippers, i stumble blindly to the bathroom to wake up and get acquainted with yet another day i’ve missed school. Yay. I plop on the couch, and manage to have a whole 2 minutes of silence, before mom starts belting off the happenings of the day that went something along the lines of: “Mrs. Busch is a bitch, Gale said they’ll work something out for you to make up your finals, I called you in absent, Dr. Presley is retired now so we have to find you a new Doctor for that, I called the AP&S clinic and they said the earliest they can get you in is March 1st, Aunt Jane died thismorning around 6 so find a nice dress to wear to the funeral soon, your brother’s on the computer, you need to clean your room, and the dishes need to be done before you even think about touching the Sony.”

. . . .

Goodmorning to you too mom.

So with all that daily anxiety unloaded upon my shoulders i wander into the kitchen and trip over the tile, that for some reason, is bubbled up under our feet. Food… i think. Must find food… so i fish my chocolate-peanutbutter-frozen-goo out of the freezer from last-night, and miraculously find a fork inside the silverware drawer–the only utensil left in their besides 2 pairs of warped chopsticks and a silver ladle–and manage to scoop out my chocolaty concoction. Yumm.

So the rest of the day is pretty much spent idling around, watching Chance (my brother) play Dofus online, Dad smoking his way to oblivion, and Mom whining about how she can’t take her morphine until noon and how her stomach is going to explode she feels so sick… i think it’s Sony time…

Da Vinci Code…my new video game. If you’ve managed to play this game and get further than Sir Issac Newton’s burial thingy, then congradulations, you’re amazing. If you’ve just gotten the game and haven’t even gotten to the Chateau, give up now, or go find the God-mode cheat and a REALLY good walkthrough–otherwise, you’ll die immediately. I manage to make my way all the way to where Teabing (i keep thinking his name is Teabag…) is threatening to kill Sophie, and Langon has to solve the cryptex. I managed to solve it all the way to the part, where all i had to do is put in the last letter, and what do i do? i click on the wrong question for Sophie to distract Teabing with. So i get shot. instead of like normal games, where i can go back to right before i get held hostage, i have to start the ENTIRE level over again… meaning i have to pull out the sun thing, read the poems, go to shakespear, put the ring on his finger, clean his statue, get the key, twirl this, press that, and etc. for ANOTHER hour, and eventually get back to where i was, and then remember what on earth the answer to the cryptex was, along with which questions NOT to ask… yay.

By this time, it’s about oh…4:00 in the evening. I demand food and computer time. Oooh… time to fix a concoction! We’re out of bread, we’re left with 3 slices of turkey lunchmeat, a whole block of unused velveeta cheese, and hmm.. a can of boiled and sliced potatoes? This might just work… The cogs and wheels in my brain are turning, and yes! i’ve come up with cheesy mashed potatoes with turkey. i must say, they were pretty good! (until my brother decided to try and scare my cat with my bb gun, and ended up getting the little black pellets in it…)

So i decided to make this blog. er, well…getting around to finishing the headers (all 23 of them….) and writing my first posts. So…yeah!

I’m gonna go play some Dofus, talk with my man, and maybe–just maybe–find those damn black pants for the funeral soon.


Inroduction, Day 1, Febuary 21, 2008

For those of you who don’t know, I’m Kitten. I’m an 18 year old failing senior living in the middle of a cornfield somewheres about Indiana. My artistic abilities have allowed me to live a life filled with many friends, adventures, and predicaments. This blog’s sole purpose is to allow those of you who wish to see, a glimpse of my life. Sometimes the entries will be good, other times they may come with tears or blind unrelenting anger…but they are all true. Each and Every page of this blog is going to be filled with the truth as seen by my eyes, and experienced by my hands.

Feel free to comment on my posts, leave me messages, or just chat in general. i’ll be more than happy to talk.